There is something really exciting about getting glammed up for an occasion, I mean it's not everyday you get to buy a new dress or wear those sexy statement shoes, or have your hair and makeup done! Who doesn't love looking their best and having a good time right!?

The thing is, do you find after an hour or so that your feet are killing you and you've just got to get your heels off!? Well here's our secret to comfortable feet... wear platform shoes!

If you choose the right pair you will look amazing, and your feet won't be aching by the end of the night. Platforms offer the added height at the front and back of your foot so the pressure is not all on the ball of your foot. If you wear platform wedges you have the added stability across the entire foot.

Wedges also are great for those events held on not-so-stable surfaces, like beach weddings or garden parties. How many times have you worn your favorite heels to an event to find your heel has sunk into the sand or mud, or you've fallen flat on your arse because of uneven surfaces! Wedges won't sink at one end, and their flat sole helps to keep you stable even if they are sky high!

If you are looking for some amazing, comfortable, glamorous, fashionable platform shoes to wear to your next event check out our range, you'll want to wear them to every occasion!

February 09, 2022 — Social Platforms

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